Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me....

Happy Birthday To Me....
- Hank Locklin
Today has been my birthday
And tonight I should be glad
But you weren't here to share it
And inside I've hurt so bad

I didn't want your presence
Just your kiss and company
And your lips to softly whisper
Happy birthday to me

But I came home all by myself
And lit the candle
Made a wish for you
And love that used to be

I unwrapped the tiny package
That I bought myself
Then I sang
"Happy birthday to me"

I thought for sure you sent me
At least a birthday card
But the postman didn't even stop
When he passed by my yard

You could have telephone
And ease a lot of misery
Instead I called myself and said
"Happy birthday to me"

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Anonymous said...

Luv this song